Toys For Hands stands for quality.

‘Without quality products you have no success!’ Our choice to work with only exclusive qualityproducts seems logic. Years of research precede before introducing. To be suprising and to stay suprising is our standard.

Our purpose is to present our businesspartner an unique product with good profit margins. We also want to inspire the customers to return to our businesspartner. You can expect a daily high discipline to continue the success formula.

We give trust to work sell with our products and sell them in a structual way. A good way of ‘marketing thinking’ has been preceded; to create a boost of selling on every counter and every webshop.

Working with Toys For Hands you can be sure of a distinct cooperation. We always trade honest, clear agreements, great profit margins and profesional help if – and where this is necessary.

Are you ready for a new success in your undertaking business? We are ready to work with you.

In behalf of Team Toys For Hands,

Luuk Snellen
Owner Toys For Hands

Official distributor of Tangle Toys, Twiddle Toys & Happy Cube