The Happy Cube puzzle is a genious and simple concept.

Puzzle a cube with the 6 foam puzzle pieces, then put them back into the frame. Once you get the knack of it, you can even use all the Happy Cube puzzles to make your very own 3D+ constructions. Get creative and astound friends and family with your impressive puzzle masterpieces.

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Happy Cube Toys For Hands Fun
There are more than 101 puzzle challenges in 3 levels to explore with only 6 Happy Cube puzzles. From explorer (level 1), to builder (level 2), the puzzler becomes a real architect (level 3). Success is guaranteed, as each player can select the appropriate level of challenge.

Do the test… How flexible is your brain?

happycube_3missions TFH

Brain teasers in 4 graded sets for all ages! Little Genius is made for kids. Happy Cube is the original version. Profi Cube and Marble Cube are the harder ones.

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Happy Cube Toys For Hands
But that’s not all. Each version consists of a range of six puzzles, each with a different difficulty and colour. The colour of the cube indicates the difficulty. With each colour the challenge gets harder. From easy till difficult the range varies usually from blue to green, yellow, orange, red and purple.